Monday, 8 May 2017

Students making their own Kahoots

In my Year 9 ICT class I had my students make their own Kahoots and play them with the class

I encouraged the class to make a Kahoot on their culture. It worked well and engaged the students. It also gave me a better understanding of the students and their unique whakapapa.

I have always found I learn best when I explain something to someone else

I think a great way for students to learn is by teaching someone else. Making a kahoot for others enables this.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Using video delay to teach man on man defence

Today I used a video delay for an entire period with my Year 9 class

The lesson objectives were man on man defence. I discussed with my students the importance of watching the player they are marking and not the ball

At avrious points in the games i would stop the game and ask the students to see if they were doing this. Until they could see themselves they were unaware of what they were doing.

Half way through the lesson the students started turning to the screen to see themselves.

This was a big step. It was the first time I have had a class voluntry stop so they could see themselves.

With new ways of teaching and learning it takes some time to condition the students and this proves it can pay off.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

New video delay app

Found a great new video delay app in the i tunes store

For the past few years I have used the 'bust a move' video delay app. This was extremely useful, however, it did have some drawbacks.

Image result for video delay app

This new app has all the same features of the older BaM video delay app and more

This one allows the video to be downloaded. It allows the teacher or user to pause and draw and write over the static screen. It also allows delays of up to 10 minutes

This year I plan to use the delay app in every invasion sport lesson from year 9 through to year 12.

I am going to inquire into its use and coach the students on what they see using the GROWTH coaching model.

By pausing at certain points students can see defensive and offensive formations and view them from an angle that is not their own

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Kootuitui Leaders day

Spent the day going through Wolf Fisher data for our school and also the cluster

Ideas I took.......

Its great to see Kootuitui primary school achieving above national averages in writing.

The acceleration in learning is evident in writing. This is also true for year 9 and 10 students at Papakura High. It appears digital pedagogy enhances this skill

Reading did not experience the same acceleration across the cluster. Maybe we need to consider multi model reading options for our students.

It was also evident that the kootuitui primary school students are achieving more than non kootuitui schools. Our school is benefiting from this. We have a cohort that has been conditioned in enquiry learning. Our job is to ensure that we enable this way of learning.

If we don't then we are doing the students a dis-service